Colonizing Mars by 2024

Virgil Grissom, the second American astronaut to fly in space, once said that “the conquest of space is worth the risk of life”. By the time we are writing, it seems that thousands of men would agree with him. 

Through this video, we discovered the megalomaniac, the grandiose, and at the very least, the disturbing project called ‘Mars One’. 

‘Mars One’ is a Dutch non-profit foundation that will establish the first permanent human settlement on planet Mars in 2022. Founded in 2011, the ‘Mars One’ team launched its Astronaut Selection Program in 2011 and 78,000 people have applied to it. By now, this 6 billion dollars project has preselected around 700 potential candidates. 

The most troubling part of the mission? The ‘Mars One’ project offers only a one-way ticket to its astronauts. As there is no technology to come back, the departure will represent the end of life in earth for the astronauts. 

By 2015, six teams of four individuals will be selected to start a eight-years training program. Their “ability to deal with prolonged periods of time in a remote location will be the most important part of their training”. Moreover, they will learn to grow food, to repair components of their future habitat and train medical procedures. 

In 2024, the first group of four people will leave earth to land in Mars in 2025 and live there forever. The journey to Mars will be a tough one. The flight will take between seven to eight months, where astronauts will be confined to a very small place, where showering will be impossible and canned food the only option. Why do they want to go? Hear it first hand here in Korum Ellis’ interview.

According to ‘Mars One’, “the one-way mission to Mars is about exploring a new world and the opportunity to conduct the most revolutionary research ever conceived, to build a new home for humans on another planet”.

Crazy? Amazing? Unrealistic or visionary? 

Learn more about it here and tell us your thoughts ! 


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